The truth about survival
by Konstantin Komarov
Why should a modern man worry about his survival? Our life is set, comfortable, convenient & predictable. Our countries take care of our
safety. Qualified doctors take care of our health. Producers & grocers provide us with enormous amounts of food. Manufacturers & retailers supply
an abundance of clothing to us. So where is the need for our independent efforts? The world around us is stable, predictable, &secure. Don't we
firmly know what will happen to us tomorrow, & the day after tomorrow, & a week later?
The main danger for a person today is hidden behind the habit of being satiated & comfortable, behind lack of desire to think about the future,
& inability to change the set patterns of life, even for a short time. Thus the person loses his main quality - SURVIVAL - i.e. the ability to adapt to
different conditions of existence. The powerful natural instincts of human beings fall into the deepest sleep, the skills that were once inherent
gradually die, huge reserves of the organism remain forever untapped & not utilized. All our lives and futures consist of is everyday trifles & worries,
conflicts & irritation, evening fatigue, diseases, & approaching old age.
Facts tell us that 80% of the people that die in extreme circumstances do not die of hunger or thirst, nor from fatal effects of the surroundings, but
from frustration, fear & disbelief in their own strength, from lack of awareness of their own potential, from being used to laziness & comfort.
Facts tell us that even persistent & harsh martial arts training or bodybuilding in a gym only very minimally raise the chances of survival in a real
Facts tell us that over the past ten years, more & more often we've heard the word WAR and it no longer happens in a far away land, but in our own
Someone who has tried at least once to check himself & find his own limits, knows that these limits practically do not exist. In order to understand
yourself, you have to test yourself. There's no other way. No books, or instructions, or stories from experienced people will help. The
ones who have tried will tell you -- survival is not your equipment, the skill of making a fire, catching a fish, or building a shelter. SURVIVAL
Survival is only a part of the whole layer of human culture - the culture of personal safety. Survival is not only survival in the wild nature or
in the extremes of combat. It is first & foremost survival in human society, the preservation & development of your own self, movement and
progression along your own independent road. The most difficult task is to survive in human society while remaining a complete & real Person.
We're all forced to walk independently along this road in life, & along this road there are questions like: "How do I orient myself in the forest?" "How
do I obtain water and food in the desert?" "How do I avoid robberies and criminal attacks?" "How do I survive without money in an unfamiliar city?"
"How do I live when I don't want to live?!!!" These questions are just the beginning - the first & most simple ones.
The main thing is to understand that we already are on this path & cannot remove ourselves from it!
The main thing is to be honest with yourself & to remain yourself in any situation!
The main thing is to believe that your abilities are endless, to believe in yourself!
I wish you success on your path!
With respect,
Konstantin Komarov
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