Russian Martial Art "SYSTEMA"
The unified system of concepts & training methods designed to develop & enhance all three levels of human abilities (physical, psychological &
spiritual). Originated from the authentic Russian combat styles & practices the System has evolved throughout the centuries of warfare into the
unique art & science of survival & self-preservation that has no comparable equivalents in a modern world.
Combat training components of the System is fundamentally different from other known martial arts. Relying on the natural abilities of an individual
the Russian Martial Art utilizes neither repetitively practiced or structured techniques nor predictable movement patterns. All tactics within the
System are driven by a uniqueness of a particular situation & are based upon instinctive reactions, an individual’s strengths & limitations.
Universal efficiency of the System at the combat is primarily based on employing the subconscious self-preservation instincts of a human body.
The Russian fighting system makes no distinction between attacking & defensive maneuvers which leads to effective utilization of any natural
movements for evasions, blocks, holds, chokes, strikes, kicks, throws or any other required actions.
Adopted by the elite units of Russian Special Forces the Russian System allowed producing the most efficient combat professionals known to the
mankind. The System’s very existence was classified & even general military personnel were not aware of it. Only selected elite professional units
were exposed to the System in its entirety. Some other military professionals in addition to the standard for the Soviet army combat Sambo, were
also taught the System elements in order to increase their survival ability.
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