Keeping your vision in check
by Emmanuel Manolakakis
While we have many senses, our sight seems to be the primary collector of information.
It is necessary to keep our vision in check by not rely on it too heavily. By improving all other senses, you can indirectly reduce the dominance that
vision plays. This is a good thing when you consider it doesn’t always give us a correct picture of things. By using your other senses, such as smell,
touch, taste and hearing, you begin to become more aware of them and the information they convey. Take a look at how this information affects you
and your decisions.
Here are some ideas for “visionless” training that I hope you will try. Start slowly, as your comfort and confidence grows, increase the level of
Training Tips
Some example (eyes closed):
  Some RMA Training examples (eyes closed)
  • Walk through your house.
  • Try to guess what is on your dinner plate. I mean everything…
  • Get in and out of your car.
  • Go through the laundry and find specific clothes.
  • Put the groceries away.
  • Empty the dishwasher.
  • Peel and apple, make sure not to leave any skin on.
  • Grab and escape.
  • Take strikes, punches and kicks.
  • Roll on the floor, stairs and hills.
  • Take strikes from a weapon - stick and whip.
  • Ground fighting.
  • Knife fighting and defense.
There are thousands of ways of checking out your different senses - just be creative the benefits are remarkable.

Think of your six senses as radio stations - all you need to do is tune in.
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